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  • Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase Fireworks.
  • Delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses.
  • Special Carriers are used to deliver fireworks and therefore a fixed delivery charge of £20 will be added to all orders under 1000.
  • To keep delivery charges to minimum orders will normally be dispatched on a weekly basis.
  • We will endeavor to supply all packs exactly as listed. However, should certain items be unavailable, substitutions will be made to the same or greater value.



Here is just a small selection from the extensive range of barrages we have available in store. Multishot barrages are by far the most popular fireworks, providing a great display over a period of 30 to 60 seconds.

jumping jack flash multishot barrages


16 SHOT CAKES £8.00   normal RRP £10.00  

Unbeatable value and outstanding performance. Our range includes.
Mars: Crackle stars to red, blue and a glittering finale
Iced Diamonds: Stunning performer with vivid colours and glittering stars
Twist N' Shout: Spinning red to green and blue tails to red and crackling stars
Jumping Jack Flash: Red stars with crackling to green bouquets and blue stars with red, green and blue tails.

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planet selection barrages


'PLANET' 16 SHOT SELECTION £10.00each or all 4 £25.00  

These wonderful barrages are less noisy than others but still give a fine performance.
Jupiter - lovely golden tails to red, green and blue stars
Mars - red, white and blue crackling mines
Saturn - red, green and blue rising tails to silver flying fish
Mercury - blue comets to gold and silver bees

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25-shot barrages

25 SHOT CAKES £13.00  each. Normal RRP £15.99

Superb quality barrages with a variety of novel and entertaining effects. Our range includes
Pluton: Bright coloured peony bursts with coconut tails and crackles
Wenus: Silver tails to willow palms with blue stars and multi-breaking silver willow finale
Uran: White mines to red, green, blue, and purple dancing stars - an unusual effect
Thunder Rain: Blue, red, green and gold peonies with matching comet tails and glitter effect
Katmandu: Red, green, blue and yellow bursts with stunning brocade finale

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knockout barrages


KNOCKOUT £15.00 each 

25 large shots of red, green, white and blue stars with crackling mines - changing to crackling bouquets above. An impressive 'two level' effect. Best seller in 2012 and great value; 45 seconds duration.

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bird of prey barrages


BIRD OF PREY £15.00 each 

25 shots of crackling corkscrew tails, changing to huge multicoloured bouquets - finishing with a breathtaking rapid-fire finale. 45 seconds.

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crackle dragon barrages


CRACKLE DRAGON £15.00 each  

A sensational and noisy 14 shot cake, changing from clusters of white crackling mines to thick crackling comet tails, finishing with a barrage of loud 'dragons eggs' crackle. 20 seconds duration.

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wave willow barrages


WAVE WILLOW £15.00 each  

Amazing burst from this stunning 19 shot barrage. Rising blue tails transform to breathtaking golden wave willows, with massive cascading tentacles. 30 seconds.

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acid rain barrages


ACID RAIN £15.00 each 

A real star performer! Big golden willow bursts transform to multicoloured stars. A very impressive and popular barrage with long-duration golden rain stars.

30 seconds.

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imperial blink barrages


IMPERIAL BLINK £20.00 each 

A fabulous 21 shot 'strobe effect' cake, displaying; Silver Tail to Silver Blink, Red Tail to Red Blink, Green Tail to Green Blink, Golden Tail to Golden Blink, last 3 shots as Finale

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hurricane blitz barrages


HURRICANE BLITZ £25.00 each 

Exciting noise and colour effects from this 50 shot barrage. Starting with crackling tails to red and crackle bursts, then crackling tails to green stars, crackling tails to blue stars, finishing with a rapid-fire 5 shot finale. This barrage really packs a punch!

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baptism of fire barrages


BAPTISM OF FIRE £35.00  each

30 big bore shots of red tails to gold willow with red tips; green tails to gold willow with green tips; blue tails to gold willow with blue tips; crackling tails to gold willow with crackling tips. Stunning effects and great value - 1 minute duration.

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sex bomb barrages

SEX BOMB £35.00 each 

One of our best-selling items in 2012. A great mix of effects, including coloured stars, colour strobes, glitter, peonies, fish, whistles and coconuts - leading to a thrilling climax. 50 second duration. Guaranteed to make your audience breathless!

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kamikaze komuru


KAMIKAZE KAMURU £35.00 each 

A swashbuckling display of 30 giant bursts, each one creating a huge canopy of gold umbrellas interspersed with red, green and blue pearls, with a double-quickened finale.

40 second duration.

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