• Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase Fireworks.
  • Delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses.
  • Special Carriers are used to deliver fireworks and therefore a fixed delivery charge of £20 will be added to all orders under 1000.
  • To keep delivery charges to minimum orders will normally be dispatched on a weekly basis.
  • We will endeavor to supply all packs exactly as listed. However, should certain items be unavailable, substitutions will be made to the same or greater value.


  Prices include vat

A mouthwatering selection of 23 fabulous fireworks, guaranteed to provide excellent entertainment for family and friends. Ideal for bonfire night, or private parties throughout the year. Amazing value.
CE Marked - safety distance 8 metres. Ideal for restricted areas.

inspirion party pack 11 Sky Rockets with a variety of colour and glitter effects
10 Multishot Batteries
• Blink Time 7 shot barrage: strobing stars with angled effects
• Fish and Crackle 7 shot barrage: swimming stars and crackling effects
Dragons Eggs 5 shot barrage: crackling clusters
• Brocade Blue 5 shot barrage: golden brocade bursts with blue tips
• Whisting Fish 5 shot barrage: noisy sea-serpents
• Gold Blink 8 shot barrage: gorgeous golden glitter
• Cauliflower 9 shot barrage: big silver bursts
• Crossette Time 9 shot barrage: splitting crossette comets
• Butterflying 9 shot barrage: silver spinners and colour
• Event 25 shot finale barrage: multiple effects with a wide spread
2 Fountains
• Purple Flash colour changing and crackles
• Flashing Silver long duration silver glittering plumes

An inspired selection of 22 large, luxury fireworks - with a fantastic variety of colour and noise effects including crackle crossettes, strobes, butterflies, colour and glitter. A superior party pack in every way. CE Marked - safety distance 8 metres. Ideal for restricted areas.

columbia 12 Sky Rockets a variety of colour and glitter effects
9 Multishot Barrages
• Flowers Storm: 14 shot barrage: angled and high-rising comet effects
• Crackle Crossette: 11 shot barrage: angled crackling crossettes
• Spinning Delight: 15 shot barrage: spinning tails to coloured star bursts
• Gold Willow: 5 shot barrage: golden willows with rising tails
• Blue and Silver: 5 shot barrage: blue and silver shell bursts
• Blue Brocade: 5 shot barrage: golden brocade bursts with blue tips
• Butterfly & Blue: 9 shot barrage: silver spinners with blue stars
• Blinkfire: 7 shot barrage: angled strobe stars with silver tails
• Showtime: 25 shot finale barrage: spectacular multiple effects
1 Fountain
• Fountain of Joy:: Long duration colour and glitter effects