• Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase Fireworks.
  • Delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses.
  • Special Carriers are used to deliver fireworks and therefore a fixed delivery charge of £20 will be added to all orders under £1000.
  • To keep delivery charges to minimum orders will normally be dispatched on a weekly basis.
  • We will endeavor to supply all packs exactly as listed. However, should certain items be unavailable, substitutions will be made to the same or greater value.


Single ignition units are effectively a 'display in a box'. Each firework performs for up to three minutes, from just one fuse! Great finale items or exciting centre-pieces for any display.

vengeance single ignition barrage

VENGEANCE £59.00  

A dazzling 55 shot firework from the Standard ‘Premium’ range. Light this once, step back and enjoy your very own choreographed display. Effects include multi coloured tails leading to silver fire flies, golden spiders, beautiful red and green palms, golden glitter bombettes, fizzing champagne glitter, multi coloured stars, breathtaking platinum brocades leading to a finale of crackling glitter bombettes. Excellent value. Approx duration 55 secs.

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arcadia single ignition barrage

ARCADIA £75.00  

A noisy, high impact firework, with screeching tadpoles bursting into big red starbursts, then into green starbursts. The screaming tadpoles then burst into multi directional giant silver palm bursts with whistles, into the finale of wild manic tadpoles, palm bursts and sky filling champagne fizz. 112 shots. Approximate duration 50 seconds.

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champagne supernova single ignition barrage


A multi-directional extravaganza. Crackling strobe comets start this show with beautiful bright red starbursts, a triple burst then sets the scene for the screaming comets followed by glorious dazzling tourbillions, a fan of crackling comets and huge starbursts fill the sky leading to a finale of spectacular silver palm bursts. 80 shots. Approximate duration 60 seconds.

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gunpowder plot single ignition barrage


A wide angled spread of stunning effects. 100 shots, with each row of 10 fired in a volley together. Starting with crackling tails to red stars, green bouquets and blue peonies, white mine to white burst, green mine to green burst, red mine to red burst, crackle mine to crackle burst, green rising tails to spinners with whistles and whistle and crackle comets to white bouquets. All in 30 seconds. Mind blowing!

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aquarius single ignition barrage

AQUARIUS £85.00  

Opens with a fast sequence of overlapping gold shellbursts, blue centered silver fish followed by red and green glitter, white strobe and red palms, blue and gold glitter, a fanned salvo of silver palms then a sky filling series of snowflake burst to a finale of rapid fan fired shell bursts and champagne crackle.
A stunning 90 shot multi-directional firework with a duration of approximately 60 seconds.

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outstanding single ignition barrage


Sensational big bursts from this stunning barrage that has everything. Red, green, white and blue mines changing to silver and yellow comet tails with red, blue and silver stars bursting above, followed by whistles, colour shell bursts - topped with whistling spinners and thunders to finish. In a word: "OUTSTANDING". Duration nearly 2 minutes. 180 shots.

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reign of fire single ignition barrage

REIGN OF FIRE £75.00  

This sky filling barrage ejects a sequence of transforming gold willows. Changing from gold willow with red tips to gold willow with green tips - then gold willow with blue tips - ending with a breathtaking finale of crackling tails to crackling gold willows. 70 shots. 1 minute duration.

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wonderwall single ignition barrage

WONDER WALL £85.00  

NEW A wide angled spread of stunning effects. 100 shots fired in a ‘mexican wave’ pattern. Red tails to purple and green stars; glittering green to blue; yellow tail to yellow stars; Glitter to gold willow; whistles to blue and fish; red wave, green wave and blue crackling; Colour mines to colour stars; whistles to crackles. Approximate duration 45 seconds.

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optimum single ignition barrage

COLOSSUS £99.00  


An exceptional firework – designed to fire in a wide fan. Colossus ejects enormous gold brocade effects in a rhythmic ‘Mexican wave’ pattern, designed to simulate the style of sophisticated ‘computer fired’ sequences seen in large professional shows. Duration approximately 30 seconds.

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three-minute spectacular single ignition barrage


Ideal for weddings, celebrations, or New Years Eve. This superb 256 shot single ignition barrage offers large bore shots of gold tails to green peony, gold tails to colour peony, crackling dragon eggs, gold tail to blink peony, gold tail to red peony finishing with salutes and thunder. Excellent value. Approximate duration 3 minutes.

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WOW single ignition barrage

WOW £149.00  


This new and exciting compound firework will deliver a stunning finale in any display. 45 large calibre shots are fired in three directions; upwards, left and right – to produce a breathtaking and sky-filling sequence. Featuring red dahlia with silver glitter, brocade crown with silver strobe, and blue with gold glitter. Approximate duration 45 seconds.

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